Wednesday, December 30, 2009

another kind of looking back

It's the last day in 2009 and I am beyond thankful that I am still here in a super good condition, physically and mentally. Physically, yes, because I have no health issues, and mentally because I just finished packing for my new year trip 6 hours from now.
And in addition to those essential reasons, I look back and find stacks of blessing my heavenly Father has showered me through out the year. Here goes the major list:

- got my temporary job
- tuition fee: paid
- passed all the subjects I took

- Jason Mraz concert
- Osaka - Kyoto trip
- Taiko practices to save me from endless boredom in Beppu
- good parties
- new job at McDonald

- unplanned trip to Malaysia
- great reunion with Denise and abundant good times
- new cameras to accompany my previous family of fisheye, holga, and diana
- succeeded the performance in Entrance Ceremony

- another good time performing at PicaPica
- Honor scholarship
- endless BBQ parties
- hanami and new batch of mates

- good health and mental condition through out the chaotic preparation for Indonesian week

- good friend who was there 24/7 to cheer me up during the breakdowns and sleepless nights
- super fun fellowship camp

- birthday blast

- nagano trip and Global Education Program Camp
- IN DO NE SI A !! indescribable bliss with the family and friends back home

- BALI!!
- brightspot
- safe trip back to Japan

- New spirit for the new semester
- good subjects to fight
- another camp with high school students
- halloween blast

- right on time 'faith reminder'
- peace of mind and new hopes (sounds cliche but i seriously mean it)

- passed the 1st screenings for Daikin and Kyushu Oil scholarship
- fun online shopping haha
- fukuoka trip to close the year

and of course, endless support and love from people around me.
Thanks, Lord, for keeping me safe in your embrace..
2009 has been a blast and I believe, 2010 has more in store awaiting.
Happy early new year everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ra, joy nih. blogwalking.

2009 lo oke abis, gw skim reading sih ra, loncat2 smue, yg jelas banyak listnya... ooh brarti 2009 lo bagus.


ya hope the best of last year be the worst of this year ya ra.

bagi2 dong kalo kcipratan daikin. hhe.