Sunday, March 29, 2009

the trip

just got back from one-week-trip to Hong Kong and KL. a lot to write but my eyes refuse to open any longer. 
so here I post some of the pics to spill some tiny bits of the whole fun.

welcome to Hong Kong

the hustle and bustle of the city

cant help admiring the colorful neon-banners

one hectic corner around Bukit Bintang

the famous twin

genting. 5am

new beer in town haha

the room I stayed in. the mess I caused. the one I now miss.

the essence of the trip; this dumb face I havent seen for ages. 
The one I used to spend every single day of my long break before I came to Japan with, honking outside my door, driving  somewhere unplanned with private jokes, super songs and idle talks along the way, sneaking around, and do bunch of other random stuffs. I MISS YOU!!

because I said "one day I'll be knocking on  your door"
and there I was =)

hello goodbye

i miss when you sleep. when you sleep next to me.
i miss when we drive. when we drive in your car.
i miss where we were. THERE.

whisper hello, Ive missed you quite terribly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

counting down

its 5 hours til i get onto the bus that takes me to the airport and off i go..
finally being away from this too-small town, 4 hours of japanese drum practices everyday, and 6 hours of part time job..
awaayy...flying back to the equator, where speaking and reading would be way easier for me..

I still cant believe this (since I just planned this trip two weeks ago) but I would fly to KL in hours, and one night staying over in HongKong. yaay..

cant wait..cant wait...

"..coz one day i'll be knocking on your door.."
and there I'd be. =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


just got back from 4 days getaway in Osaka and Kyoto. 
spending every hours trotting along the massive and crowded roads with beyond cute and super generous hunk to guide me around.
visiting some temples. 
taking piles of pics. 
getting on and off of subways, monorail, and trains. 
pursuing my childhood dream to visit universal studio. 

dancing and singing along with JASON MRAZ from the one-meter-away-front row.
staying in a darn sophisticated and cool house hosted by that hunk and the whole warm family.

those four days were effin brilliant.
God is good. I know =)