Sunday, October 30, 2011

you (distance) me

you catch my eyes with your smiles
you fill me with a million butterflies
your presence makes my day
when you're around there's no more grey

whenever you play a song
you make me wanna sing along
oh why do we wait for so long
cause in my arms is where you belong

gotta cross the miles for a kiss
but why should we be apart
i'll always keep you close to my heart
look around, there's no love like this

even when i'm gone, you'll never be alone
i'll be with you through the phone
and you know it won't be long
til the next time you have me all day long


It wasn't love at first sight
Oh you didn't really catch my eye
but your lame jokes turned my gloomy days bright
and now not seeing you makes me cry

I love the way my heart races faster with your kiss
and your hugs are surely to-be-missed
you have the cutest way of calling my name
if I have wrinkles from smiling, yes it's you to blame

I can bite you like an oreo
Hug you like super mario
You're kissable like a teddy bear
even your snore is nice to hear
That's what i'll miss about you
and i know you'll miss me too ;p

I'd give anything to turn back time
walking hand in hands, laughing like fools
rolling in bed, forgetting schools
but what can i do, i gotta say 'see you next time'
I promise, wait a little and I'll pop up on your doorstep
or maybe..right on your lap :D