Sunday, January 3, 2010


ive decided to write down my resolutions and dreams. so by the end of the year I can see what I've done, and how my dreams come true, or are replaced by some other plans God has prepared for the better.
Here goes the list.

- no sleeping in class
- no more job cancellation, skipping church and fellowship for unnecessary excuses
- read the subject materials before class
- fast every Monday and Thursday
- browse for internship
- no more bible reading on the bus. it must be AT HOME before school
- night devotion is compulsory
- less complaining
- go back to taiko practices
- learn Spanish and French
- more social work

- daikin, kyushu oil, and honor scholarship *huge AMEN for these*
- academic merit awards (which also means 4 GPA)
- indonesia in February, Europe in summer break
- internship at British Council London
- perfect health for my family and the best university for my sister
- one piece from each of these: complex geometries, chloe sevigny for opening ceremony, junya watanaba for garcons, alexander wang, and well I basically wont resist anything from Oaknyc and reform :)


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