Monday, May 11, 2009

fly fly away

I feel like trotting along Legian,
lounging at Zanzibar,
driving back to Uluwatu,
flying high high,
grabbing good stuffs from the fridge,
dipping into the pool

oh Bali

Monday, May 4, 2009

the F word

I've just got back from dinner with my 'boyfriends'.  Yuri, one of the best boyfriends of mine here just came back after about two months in another island, where he got transferred to Ritsumeikan Kyoto, and it was so nice to have him back. We spent the day with the rest of the 'gang', the same old crowd I hang out with during my first days in Japan. I never realized how I miss these 'quality times' so much...
After class, we went out to pack our tummy with japanese noodle,spend hours listening to them telling their own love stories, spiced up with stupid jokes and idle comments, laughed my ass off and well.. they really made my day.

And yesterday, I spent the whole break time during my part time job talking on the phone with Hanna. We've been pretty busy with our own activities and haven't had the chance to talk a lot after the first week she got back here. It really touched me to know she had been praying for me to get the honor scholarship and for my dad so he can stay in a good health.It might seem simple, but it means a lot for me. Especially she was the one to call me and ask whether I get the scholarship or not because she had been worrying about it

It feels so great to be the with the ones I can trust and feel comfortable with because I know they don't fake their laughter nor tears, they can tease me because we're too close to get offended, they're on my side through my rises and falls, and the most important one, they don't talk shits behind me.
Now I realized that FRIENDS with  all the happiness and affection they bring are another blessings I've been taking for granted and I am fully thankful for them.