Sunday, October 30, 2011

you (distance) me

you catch my eyes with your smiles
you fill me with a million butterflies
your presence makes my day
when you're around there's no more grey

whenever you play a song
you make me wanna sing along
oh why do we wait for so long
cause in my arms is where you belong

gotta cross the miles for a kiss
but why should we be apart
i'll always keep you close to my heart
look around, there's no love like this

even when i'm gone, you'll never be alone
i'll be with you through the phone
and you know it won't be long
til the next time you have me all day long


It wasn't love at first sight
Oh you didn't really catch my eye
but your lame jokes turned my gloomy days bright
and now not seeing you makes me cry

I love the way my heart races faster with your kiss
and your hugs are surely to-be-missed
you have the cutest way of calling my name
if I have wrinkles from smiling, yes it's you to blame

I can bite you like an oreo
Hug you like super mario
You're kissable like a teddy bear
even your snore is nice to hear
That's what i'll miss about you
and i know you'll miss me too ;p

I'd give anything to turn back time
walking hand in hands, laughing like fools
rolling in bed, forgetting schools
but what can i do, i gotta say 'see you next time'
I promise, wait a little and I'll pop up on your doorstep
or maybe..right on your lap :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the (good) bye

you were the long awaited
you had it all, swept me off my feet
overjoyed, my heart skipped a beat
a fine picture of us, perfectly painted

they said we're good together
I once thought we're meant for each other
but then we had too much to conquer
the going was one rough roller coaster

there's more than meets the eyes
differences, the coming distances
got us questioning if it's gonna worth the bruises
so that's where we waved good bye

fate leads,
time tells,
there must be something good from this bye

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 ; the end

been ages, Blogspot!
and 2010 has come to its end. Damn, what have I achieved???

Well if I have to wrap 2010 in one word it would be BEYOND.

Why so?
Simply because everything that has happened to me through out this year is indeed beyond my thought and comprehension. God has shown his works in my life for sure.

I Started the year with a very risky decision.
Yes, I spent the only money I had in my bank account to go on a Fukuoka trip. I shopped, I ate good food, I had a good time, while my tuition remained unpaid.
Crazy? Desperate more likely.
I tried my best to save up but I just didnt earn enough money so a glimpse of thought slipped to my mind 'maybe God wants me to come back to Indonesia'.

But, I got the scholarship! Right on time to pay my tuition as I wrote on my previous post.
So long story short, my 2010 started with a beyond belief miracle that teared me out.

Then I failed to go to London but I got the internship in Panasonic Indonesia instead.
Back in February, I couldnt figure out why it seemed like God wants me to go back to Indonesia.
But just as my 7th semester started and my batch mates started to get drowned in their job hunting activities, I got a job offer from Panasonic Indonesia.
AS SIMPLE AS THAT. No need for interview, no need for cv submission. I just need to submit my graduation certificate and I can work there.
Once again God has eventually revealed what was behind His plan.

The next thing that happened out of my plan; I got a boyfriend.
I was already over those i-wanna-look-for-a-boyfriend-phase and I was determined to focus more on my uni activities which led me to this event called Heart for Haiti, where we met.
Long story short, I'm dating this very nice guy.
A Christian.
A drummer.
A singer.
A guitarist.
A bassist.
A chef.
A comedian.
A family man.
A smart ass.
A loving person
A boyfriend of mine :)
It's funny how this huge thing happened when I expected it the least.
Thank God.

Then the miracles go on.
I applied for Kumon Camp which offered me an opportunity to earn approx. $ 1,800 in 3 weeks but I failed. boo.
Then I applied for another program in Okinawa which also paid well but I failed, again.
Instead, God led me to this voluntary English Mission Camp in Korea.
It got me questioning why voluntary while He knows I need the money?

But as I participated in the program, I realized how much I learned and experienced in one month time.
And right this very moment, I am applying for a scholarship which requires certificates of my extra curricular activities and this program has been one of the highlights of my CV along with the required certificate.
Lesson learned: Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything will be added upon you.

Another thing that opened my eyes to see how God has indeed planned everything for me from the very beginning.
I've been participated in exchange programs with high school students all over Japan where I teach English and introduce my culture for the past two years. Out of a very casual conversation with the director, he suddenly offered me a job to work with an HR consultant in Tokyo.
I was amazed. Not that I got the job already, but still... while other people have to race neck and neck to get a job, I got two offers before even looking for the job.

Even though I still don't know for sure about what I would do after my graduation, I still thank God for the opportunities and hope.

And through 2010, I have realized that as long as we commit everything we do in God's hand, He will show us the way.
And even though it didnt seem to be the one we want at first, but in the end He alone will open our eyes that those things happen for a bigger reason. The best possible for us.

I simply learned how big HE is compared to my thoughts.

"..too wonderful for comprehension, like nothing ever seen or heard..
who can grasp Your infinite wisdom
who can fathom the depth of Your love
You are beautiful beyond description,
majesty and throned above"

Let's start 2011 with these amazing verses:
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you..plans to proser you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

and Jeremiah 32: 27
Iam the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
Have a blessed one! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

twenty four

It's been an hour and half since I stepped out of Hong Kong International airport on my flight transit from Fukuoka to Kuala Lumpur so I had 24 hours to explore the country.

It was pretty nerve wrecking at first since I didnt speak the local language and the only clue I had was to meet my native Hong Kong friend in Tsim Sha Tsui later that day. So i asked around until I finally got my bus ticket.
I waited on the line along with the familiar faces speaking the language I know by heart. Yes, a bunch of Indonesian workers who just landed to try their luck in Hong Kong as domestic helpers.

After a while my double decker bus came so I hopped in with full excitement. I chose to sit on the most front sit on the upper part of the bus so that I would be able to see the whole scenery clearly.
The view was great. Neatly done bridges, ships sailing in and out the waterway, traffic signs written in Chinese characters, constructions in progress, and the bright blue sky which made the view even more mesmerizing.

Then after around 30 minutes driving, the bus started to enter the main part of the city. The view became more amusing. Hustle bustle of the city, people from different ethnic groups strolling around the street brushing shoulders one to another, not-so-clean flats, alleys fully packed with stores and pedestrians, and the colorful banners that added the magical effect on the district.

I managed to get off at Tsim Sha Tsui which turned out to be located in Kowloon island and still had 4.5 hours until I met my friend who was still at work so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.
The stores were awesome. They sell many different kind of stuffs, from typical Hong Kong merchandises, knock-off of high end branded bags, to chinese traditional medicine. There was also a wide range of clothing brand as well as rows of restaurants from chinese food to mongolian buffet which was utterly mouth watering.

After getting too exhausted, I sat for a bit at the nearby city park waiting for my friend. Once we met, he took my to a local chinese restaurant which served awesome food. After the late dinner, we went to the famous Hong Kong Port. It was really beautiful to see the city lights from the building on the main island of Hong Kong.
We could actually take ferry to cross the bay and get to the main island of Hong Kong but since I had no time so we just spent a bit of our time there. And my camera was kinda crappy so I couldnt take proper picture of the amazing view.

It was pretty late when we finally walked to the bus stop. I had to catch the last bus to go back to the airport where I would be sleeping and wait for my connecting flight the next morning.

It was a short yet amazing visit to Hong Kong and I do wish for another chance to come back any time soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


ini euphoria hampa
sisa-sisa rasa
tak beralas
tak berbalas

hati ambil bagian
asa racuni pikiran
rajut, rajut impian
tinggalkan heran

stimulan rindu
seberkas sendu
obsesi semu


heart calls

There you were through a glance
In awe I lost balance
Dancing fingers on those strings
Oh What a shiver u bring

Through the melodic harmony
You turn all the agony,
To an ecstatic rhapsody
You indeed are the remedy

Star, star, my heart calls
Catch, catch, i fall