Friday, November 7, 2008

my math teacher called it PROBABILITY

those eyes that stare would probably be the same eyes that tear out
this heart that loves would probably be the same heart that struggle to endure the pain
these blessings I am thankful for would probably the same blessings I try not to recall
these hands that tangled would probably be the same hands that let go
those arms that embrace would probably the same arms that wave good bye
these lips that kiss would probably be the same lips that whisper you the prayer, best wishes, and thank yous for the past times

but those thoughts would also probably be the thoughts I look back on, while telling you 'I was a fool back then for having such silly thoughts for we are now still together'

I am keeping my fingers crossed, wishing the right things on the right time


yugen said...

Nice one. Each with a different prayer. Mine's Thunder Perfect Mind

rara kinanti said...