Thursday, November 27, 2008

japanese and their engRish part 2

well I just got home, after closing the camp with overflowing foods, unexpectedly 'okay' presentations from the kids, and waved goodbyes.

Regardless their limited engRish, this camp has been a really great experience I treasure. 

I'm proud to see them trying their best to make the presentations, I was touched to see the sign-board they gave me, and, most importantly,
instead of teaching them *which I think doesnt have that much influence since it's only for two days and we speak Japanese in 90% of the conversations*, I learn how nice it feels to share my thoughts to others, and how priceless to know I can inspire other people, be someone they can look up to and hearing them saying 'I like your presentation and I wanna try harder for my future'.

I am touched indeed.

So, I have taken another step forward on this leading-to-my-future path.
Yes, being an inspiration, passing the blessing I've got, and be SOMEBODY in someone's live have always been one of my dreams - and this camp has given me the chance to put a small piece in this yet incomplete puzzle of my future.

From now on, I gotta continue finding the other scattered pieces. I know it's a tough work but knowing that I have a beyond-wonderful heavenly Father, I believe I can. And so can you.


p.s. photos will be uploaded soon

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