Saturday, September 27, 2008

the untold 'thank yous' use in trying when the pieces dont fit anymore..

the hardest things in life come when you have to make decision using your brain instead of your heart

i made a big one and found it's true..indeed
yet i never regret those things in the past
thanks to KIJIMA KOGEN where Ive been doing the part-time job for letting my mind wander around and about
i just looked back to those 3 wonderful years and found a pile of reasons to thank the person i spent those times with

here goes the list..
- thank you for the 3 priceless years
- thank you for being around in these past 14 years out of 19 years of my life
- thank you for every wake up call that helped me succeeding the national exams
- thank you for helpin me with those never-ending high school times
- thank you for being on the other side of the phone, listening to me crying, complaining, or telling boring stories
- thank you for sitting in the silence while i was busy thinking
- thank you for making me stronger because i knew you're always there
- thank you for being my super best friend
- tahnk you for every holding hand
- thank you for every comforting hug
- thank you for the laughter
- thank you for every single tear we shed
- thank you for those yet irreplacable lame jokes
- thank you for being such a great fooling-around partner
- thank you for the birthday surprises (also special thanks to my lifetime best friend, Fitria Anindita Putri for deleting the whole pics)
- thank you for letting me be me and still stand it
- thank you for knowing me that well and let me win most of the fights ( i know i was beyond selfish those days)
- thank you for being my number one supporter during my final paper struggle (also thanks to all the viruses in my computer for making me re-type the whole thing)
- thank you for takin me after school everytime my stomach kills
- thank you for pickin me up in the middle of the night just to make sure i get home safely
- thank you for every single mile you drove me
- thank you for being beyond patient, teaching me how to drive
- thank you for letting me drive, bringing you into those near-death rides
- thank you for selling your precious soccer-match ticket  just to go out with me and I ended up cancelling the plan (i know i was such a pain in the ass)
- thank you for those finally-given-after-3-years bouquet of flowers
- thank you for teaching  me how to be grateful
- thank you for making me realize how important it is to appreciate what we've got before it's gone
- thank you for making  me wiser
- thank you for bringin me to a higher level of life
- thank you for making my mom finally said, "you know, you had a really good guy"
- thank you for being the reason i felt "i once found the one"
- thank you for being THAT good
- thank you for those things listed above and the rests that i cant think off the top of my head

sorry for taking those blessing for granted all these times
I just realized it takes a big heart to do so and Im telling you, you have that big heart
thank you.


thank you for once making it US

good luck, Mr.future doctor
you're in my prayers<3

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