Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i always have reasons to hate the RAIN

it's been a hard day for me.
1. i got up finding it was raining outside. 

2. i gotta drag my lazy ass out of the bed because I had to withdraw money to buy the one-year-pass bus ticket which costs like HEEELLL...*okay if you say $1000 for a bus card is cheap.It's not hell for you and I raise my hand,hail you

3. i went out from my room finding a warning from my apt's security..saying im not supposed to put any private property in the passage *yea I tried to dry my used umbrella there

4. i had to ride on my bike and hold the half-broken umbrella at the same time for a 10mins ride in the middle of the rain. 

5. the wind kept blowing my umbrella.

6. i got to the mall finding I cant withdraw the money for some technical errors, probably due to moslem's super big day tomorrow.
it  pissed me off because the bus ticket is only sold til 2 days from now.and it took me 3 days to withdraw the whole money because the bank limits me to take only $500 per day and i gotta withdraw another $500 for my friend.

7. i went back to my apt still with bicycle and umbrella for the torturing 10mins.

8. here i am..pissed off
WELL, rain has never been as pretty as that pic for me.never been good.
it's been raining for the whole 3 days here and I've always cursed on rainy lonely days.
if you say rain is such a romantic time.
if you say rain can sooth you up.
if you say rain can calm you down.
i say C L I C HE.

rain wets your clothes.
rain ruins your shoes.
rain makes it less convenient to go out especially here, where I have to go around by bicycle.
rain brings gloomy atmosphere for me.
rain ruins my mood.
rain drives me melancholic.
rain makes me miss you. 
if only you were here, I'd probably hate this rain a little less.



Paula said...

hA! gw baru tau lo bersepeda..

-Paula; perempuan pilihan-

rara kinanti said...

iya pol..gw dsini klo ga naik bus ya sepeda..hahahhaaa

ehh nama lo jijik bgt sih.perempuan pilhan tu apaaa coba wuhauahauaaha

yans said...

bagus bgt tulisannya ra.. gue tanya ke temen gue yang orang jepang, beppu itu kayak apa. dia bilang 'pretty much like eugene (kota gue sekarang)'.
gue bener2 ketawa krn disini bener2 ujan terus.. dan mobilitas gue selalu dengan sepeda.. haha.

rara kinanti said...

makasih yann..
wah kota lo kota kecil jg?
kmrn dsini lg typhoon gt yan makanya ujan gila2an..tp skrg untungnya udh ga trlalu parah lg..tp mobilitas dengan sepeda sih..teuteeuup..hahaaha