Saturday, October 25, 2008

love (it) like this

The new semester has started for a month and it has been awesome indeed.
i've moved from my previous dorm to my new sea-side apt downtown with special people living 6 floors below.
this far, i've been spending my days staying late by whoring over the internet *thank you, neighbor for the influence that now I'm spending hours over rakuten and yahoo auction idly haha*- talking and cuddling to bed- waking up late- another morning greetings=p - wake up knock by our other neighbor on my door - rushing to get ready and catch the bus- classes - another bus ride - wandering in town - find somewhere for dinner - and keep the same routine
Bored? Sure not.
Here I go, counting my blessings

How many of you go back from school, finding your guy is craving for some flowers to decorate his balcony, and get picked up on his back all the way to the florist because he knows your high heeled shoes are killing you?I know its cheesy. But well it's a good reason to laugh your bums off anyway.
How many of you can wake up in the morning knowing the one you care the most is beside you, snoring peacefully in your arms?
How many of you can open the window and hear the sea-wind breezing?
How many of you can spend the whole day slacking off without having to do any school works?

You see how my life here has been blessed tremendously.
I bet not so many people have the chance to do the same routine as I do and I thank my heavenly Daddy sincerely for these wonderful privileges.
And thank you to the one that has been the subject of those written words above=)

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