Friday, October 17, 2008

couldnt ask for more=)

its been a great great week indeed.
thanks to the one Ive been spending most of my time with all these days(;

my family and school stuffs have been great
i got home from my parttime job, had a warm welcome home hug, and a surprisingly awaited dinner
i had my health checkup which turned out to be alright
we watched movie and cuddled around to bed
we walked hands in hands, wandered around the town, 'rejoicing our tummies' with super good foods
we stole kisses around
i got my sallary
i started joining the japanese drum club in my uni and it was sooo much fun
i woke up with a bright sun shine, a light kiss, and a sweet ' morning babe, I've got your spongebob movies downloaded, wanna watch?'

i'm here knowing someone does care<33

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