Monday, February 8, 2010

God is Good

I've intended to post this 'testimony' from 2 weeks ago but been postponing due to the exam week.

So.. I've figured out what God has planned me.
1. I didn't get enough sponsorship for the One Young World Conference in London
but He provides me with an internship opportunity in Panasonic Indonesia instead.

I cried indeed when the result came up. It was a pure miracle since I know how I screwed the interview and all I could say was just Thank you Lord for loving me this much.
The result came up 2 weeks before my tuition payment deadline. I had 0 Yen in my bank account, I hadn't asked any money from my parents, I was just praying and there are 2 verses that always keep me struggling no matter how many people say it's hard, or it's impossible since I know 'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me' because 'the One who lives in me is greater than the one who lives in this world'.
Now I've seen another miracle in my life that has proven God's help is never late and never limit His power for you'll see how everything is indeed possible when you're with Him.

3. I didn't get the Kyushu Oil scholarship
But He gave me a peace of mind. I wasn't disappointed not even moan about it. I know if I don't get it, He has another plan, bigger and better for me.

So here I am, staying up all night waiting for the early morning bus that will take me to the airport and off I go, back to Indonesia, will be home altogether with the whole family.
God is good, aint He? :)

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