Thursday, October 15, 2009


I wanna go on an exchange to Kyoto with my photography club.
I wanna go on a small trip to Nagasaki for quarter break with my housemates.
I wanna go to Paya's birthday this weekend.
I want those less-than-$50 stuffs on Ebay.

I have to pay my tuition fee.

But I am pennyless.
I literally have 0 yen now and I have bills awaiting.
I really have no idea how to pay them and it hurts to see how my friends are spending hundreds of bucks on a bag, jeans, or a pair of shoes.

If only they know that those stuffs can pay my tuition fee...
but well everyone has their own blessings anyway, I guess it just takes a little longer for mine to come

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Payaism said...

Man, whatever it takes, remember that some dudes r all beside you ne.