Sunday, April 26, 2009

(not) z e r o

it's 5.07 am and here I am, glued in front of my laptop with eyes wide opened. just get done with the stacks of home works for my Japanese class tomorrow, one assessment for the previous presentation we had, one A4 paper long report in Japanese about environmental issues, and one evaluation about Japanese study. Well.. I am pretty much satisfied with it since I guess it's one of those little amount of home works on which  I put suffice effort instead of just copying from my friend. Yes, this is my first time making a 'qualified' and 'contented' writing on my own, struggling on goole translate and online dictionary for about an hour to finally get done with it and I feel so fine. 

Anyway, my sudden effort wasn't reasonless. I just happened to bump into my friend's facebook account to find out  that she just got accepted in UCLA for applied math *well  done, Pik! I'm so proud of you!* and it really shot me in the head. 
It made me look back and question what have I been doing in the past 3 semesters here? what have I learned? have I really gained something?
and..I came out with the conclusion, aside from my Japanese and life's practical things *explain you later*, I seem to gain Z E R O..sigh

well what can you expect to gain from a lecture from a professor whose English is not even understandable because they're speaking with strong Japanese accent? 
what on earth could I have gained for taking bioscience and earth science since I am majoring on international business?
how could I even get strongly rooted to the basic principles of economic if I could just sleep during the lecture for the whole semester and read the whole book one night before just to  pass the exam?
it was a really really nice reminder for me not to slack this much. well, my uni may not be that good, some of my professors may not speak English clearly, but well it always goes back to me anyway. If I could just stand staying up for the whole lecture, putting my best effort to listen, take notes, and review, I may gain some more.

Whoam. It's gonna be a tough work but well my friend's success would always be hanging invisibly on my forehead, reminding me to put some more effort on my study.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed..

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bagus bagus...
you go girl! =)