Friday, August 15, 2008


first post.yea.

been whoring over " local celebs' " blogs a result of this excessive holiday with nothing to do except counting down the days til im home. i am..making my own blog and blabber around.

it's been a tough day indeed.

just got the key to my new apt today.well, im pretty lucky to get one room on the top floor of the building, directly over viewing the sea. all i need is open up my window and sit on the balcony  to sip the sea-wind breezin.
well..well.. i count it as a privilege especially because i have my special people live only 6 floors below..makes it easier for me to reach them.

guess i gotta stop blabberin around, start packin my stuffs from my previous dorm, take a shower, cuddle around, and have a nice sleep, savin energy for another movin out things tomorrow.


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